Punta Trettu Spot for Windsurfing

Meteo Forecast for Punta Trettu

Best Wind Forecast websites are Windy (embed Map) or Lamma

Punta Trettu is a magic place. When in the surrounding area you can barely fly the kite because of light wind, here in our home spot you see people jumping around with a strong breeze.

This is mainly due to two factors:

  • The Beach is located between the coast of Sardinia and the coast of another small Island called Sant’Antioco. In both sides of the lagoon the hills push the wind towards the center of the bay increasing its strength and speed thanks to the Venturi effect. If you see a forecast of around 7-10 knots you will probably be able to ride with a Wind of Around Fifteen knots;
  • Thermal wind, coming in the wormer hours of the day, sums to the mistral NW wind and Venturi effect.

Curiosities about the Wind

Wind that we perceive is basically air in motion that moves through the atmosphere from a zone of greater pressure (less Temperature) to an area of lower Pressure (higher Temperature); the intensity of the wind depends on the distance between the two areas and theirs pressure difference.

Wind is measured by giving direction, orientation and speed:

  • direction is expressed as an angle with respect to the North
  • speed is usually expressed in m/s, but wind speed is expressed in knots that corresponds to a marine mile ≡ 1,862 Km per hour.

1 knot = 1.862 km/hour



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